Just as a side note, I’ll be adding in other subjects to the “subjects covered” line at the end of each post. It occured to me that I really should be adding in some of the subjects that are often considered less important, like music, art, and life skills. They make up a large portion of our day and it’s a shame to not recognize all he’s accomplished in those areas.

Wednesday was a looong day. It’s funny how some days we seem to do almost nothing and other days he’s on the go all. day. long.

First, he grabbed the new poster I got from the dollar tree (seriously if you have one near you, check it out!). It has the numbers 1-20 on it. Now, Adrian can count to 20, no problem, but it just occured to me while working on learning to tell time that he has no clue what the numbers 11-20 LOOK like. So it was totally worth it to spent the dollar on the poster. He counted, then traced the numbers of each one. No doubt, he’ll recognize all the numbers soon enough.


Then we visited grandma’s house. He played starfall for about 10 minutes. Then I got on the computer and printed out some learning materials. I made up sheets of “word families” for him to practice reading. We put together a huge alphabet puzzle (grandma has some of the coolest toys!).

After we got home, we worked in the garden a bit. He broke up big dirt clumps while I weeded it and then he watered it. I planted a bunch of new stuff the day before. I’m still learning a lot when it comes to gardening. I’ve had gardens before, but they always end up a mess because I get too busy to take care of them. Not this year! Because they are just in the flower beds and I literally just have to step out my door to tend to them, and I have a little helper, these gardens are flourishing! But they are a bit spotty because some things didn’t grow right. I’m replacing things quite late in the season, but it’s ok…it’s all a learning experience. For both of us.

Grandma came over a little later and we played outside. Adrian is learning to swing a baseball bat and he’s getting quite good. He’s managed to hit a small ball once, but we’re mostly practicing with a small beach ball. Then we went inside and did a few workbook pages on phonics and counting. I tried to encourage him to try my word families game, but he wasn’t interested. We played a game of bingo and a game of checkers. I’m so excited that he’s actually starting to understand the rules of games! Before, when we’d play candyland, he’d make up crazy rules and be very offended when you couldn’t understand his unreasonable requests and pitch a fit and refuse to play. But now it’s very enjoyable to play games with him. Before bed, we tried to read the book about the seashore, which turned out to be a little too advanced for him (and me…we both got bored pretty quickly). We read a Click magazine issue. Very nice mag. Very informative and geared to preschool/young school-age kids. We learned a lot about how different animals use camouflage.

Subjects covered: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, PE.
Total time spent: About 4 hours


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