I put both of the kids in front of the TV in the morning to watch the signing video I got from the library.  Man, it was booooring!  Nothing like Signing Time, which is awesome.  *I* even find Signing Time entertaining.  Oh well, better luck next time.  One of the things I printed off before was a collection of Ohio state facts….a map, the seal, the bird, flower, and the state quarter.  Adrian is very interested in the states, so I’m going to try to print off these things for a new state each week or so. He cared more about the map than anything.  See, I thought he’d like to learn about the bird and flower.  LOL  Maybe he’ll still learn a little something.

We found beans growing!


Before long we’ll be picking them and learning to prepare them for dinner!

I made a “food pit” for Adrian.  It’s like an indoor sand box.  I put all sorts of dry food in a shoe box size storage bin….lentils, beans, rice, noodles, split peas, barley, ect.  I just put it on a tablecloth on the floor and let him at it.  At first he looked at me like I was crazy and very tentatively put his hands in it.  Before I knew it, he was scooping and dumping and sorting the food.  He hid things in it and squished it between his toes.  I learned online that this is a great sensory activity for kids and was a bit skeptical….would a 4 year old *actually* be interested in this?  YES!  He played with it for over an hour!


After he finished playing with his food pit, we did a science experiment.  I introduced him to the states of matter.  I showed him how water freezes into ice (I actually showed him how I put water in the ice tray before I gave him the food pit so it would have time to freeze) and then we put one cube in a bowl and a few in a pot on the stove.  We melted the cubes and boiled the water until the steam hit the cover and turned back into liquid. Then we poured the water back into the ice tray.  I explained to him what each one was….solid, liquid, or gas.  Then I pointed to different objects around the house and asked him to identify each one.  He got all 9 right!  I asked about a potato, milk, farts (I know, nasty!), a spoon, juice, oxygen (from Charlie’s machine), and a few others.  I was a little surprised that he caught on so quickly, but maybe that’s because this was stuff I was taught in 2nd grade.  When you think about it, it’s not something you need to wait to teach.  It’s pretty clear cut with hands on learning available and tangible evidence they can lear from….just what preschoolers need!

He played with his Leap Pad for about 30 minutes and then we read a book about tornadoes, worked on his calendar (filling it out and marking important dates), and then we made popsicle stick puppets.

Subjects covered: Languages, Reading, Geography, Science, Art.
Total time spent: About 4 hours.


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