Looks like I’m better off updating every 2-3 weeks…

Since I can’t seem to get my act together!  I also slacked on Charlie’s blog for a while too, and we all know that kid *always* has something going on.

So some pics:


Our giant zuchinni. No, we didn’t grow this. I wish! It got passed around until someone (me) was brave enough to try and do something with it. I shredded half of it and I’m giving the other half to a friend. It weighed 7 1/2 lbs and the half I shredded made 7 cups. I made 2 batches of muffins and froze the rest. Adrian thought it was pretty cool, but he didn’t like my muffins. 😦


Adrian and his corn. Yes, our lonely stalk of corn produced an edible ear. Actually it was more than just edible…it was almost perfect! Everyone thinks this is just too funny. I don’t know why it produced ears…everything I’ve read says they won’t unless there’s enough to pollinate the whole group. So maybe we’ll read up on it more.


We have little pumpkins! We’ve picked 5 and have about 4 more growing. I just let Adrian paint them. He’s had a lot of fun giving them away. 😀


And huge amounts of green beans. My stepdad has a big garden and I don’t know if he got overwhelmed or what, but he asked me to come pick some of his beans because they were just going to go bad. I got there and it was like Bean City. My mom gave me 2 plastic bags stuffed full and I took home about that much again when I picked. Adrian is a good little helper and he’s becoming more confident at choosing his beans. He used to ask me every other one, “Is this one big enough?”, “Is this rotten or just dirty?”. But he knows now and snaps them pretty quickly for a 4 year old.

I’m putting a swing up in Adrian’s room, so that should be fun. I’ve noticed that he behaves better when he can get his excess energy out. Naturally he’s a little terror during the winter months. I’m hoping by letting him be rambunctious in the house he will be a little more pleasant. He got to watch Grandpa drill the holes and put the bolts in. We measured and cut the rope, and sometime next week we’ll head down to Carter’s to get a piece of wood for the swing.

He’s learning more about good eating. At WIC, we got an Elmo DVD about good eating and he’s acting like it’s the bible or something. Can’t complain. He’s quit asking for so much junk food.

Since the weather has been so good (hardly any rain and barely hot) he spends tons of time running around outside. So “school stuff” is on the back burner. He’s learning more from being outside anyway. More important stuff like not going in the street, staying away from the deep puddle, and wearing shoes when there are lots of bees out. He saw me get stung 2 weeks ago so that helps. LOL

He’s really into “decorating” right now. He likes to rearrange furniture and hang stuff up on the walls. He moves little flower pots around and finds things to set on the windowsills. It’s really cute and I don’t mind. He says he likes my house better than dad’s because he’s allowed to decorate. LOL

Last week, out of nowhere, he decided to pull all the weeds along the sidewalk. *I* certainly didn’t prod him. I just pull weeds in the garden. He was halfway done when I found him and he said, “Doesn’t that look better mommy?” Yes. Yes it does. I’m so glad he’s taking pride in his living space. Hopefully he won’t be the teenager that hides 4 week old cereal bowls under his bed.

He LOVES to pretend. His favorite pretend game is Ghostbusters. A little outdated, but that’s what makes it cute. Hearing about Slimer and Proton packs brings back memories. He also loves the movie The Polar Express and acts out scenes from that. He found my filtered water pitcher and started pouring hot chocolate up and down the “aisle”. He was acting all professional, greeting each “passenger” and tipping the pitcher ever so carefully.

He still really like puppets so I’m making both the kids puppets for christmas. If you read Charlie’s blog, you  know that I make most of their gifts. I always made SOME of their gifts, but due to my financial circumstances last year I made most of them and will continue to do so even if I have money, until they start demanding G.I. Joes or something. But in Adrian’s opinion right now, homemade ones are the BEST. Better take advantage of  it while I can. So I’m getting started plenty early.

Here’s the first one:


Isn’t he CUTE!? I’ve made him and a mouse so far. Adrian has seen both, but they are technically Charlie’s anyway. Adrian will be getting a Dalmatian dog, a firefighter, a boy, and a cat. Charlie is getting a cow, a mouse, a frog, and a bunny. I might even make more. They don’t take long and cost me less than $1 each. I’m aware he doesn’t have a mouth. I left them expressionless on purpose. I think it’s hard to act out stories when each puppet has a huge grin on it’s face.

So I found out that the way I was taught math in first grade is a real method! Everyone always made fun of the way I do math. It’s called Touch Math and it works for me, personally. I read the site and it says most people will drop the method at some point and have the addition and subtraction tables memorized. I never did, really. Obviously I can do the smaller numbers from memory, but I still use touch math for almost everything. And I’m quick too. It doesn’t slow me down. I was afraid of Adrian picking up on the way I do math because I always thought it was the “wrong” way….now I’m not so sure. Maybe I should just teach him how I was taught. He’ll just end up doing whatever works best for him anyway. These “methods” are just an introduction into math and as long as he can do it, I won’t screw him up right?


4 Responses to “Looks like I’m better off updating every 2-3 weeks…”

  1. Rosetta Says:

    So you homeschool your kiddos… Are you going to homeschool Charlie too or have her go to public school?

    Both my husband and I were homeschooled and we plan on homeschooling our kids. I’m trying to find ideas what to do with Sierra. She’ll be two next month, so she’s still little, but I want to begin teaching her things.

  2. yeswesocialize Says:

    We’re not sure what we’re doing. We’re taking it one step at a time. Right now we’ve agreed to homeschool Adrian through kindergarten and then re-evaluate. So that would be this year and next year. I will probably keep Charlie home. Of course that’s another thing we’ll take one step at a time. We’re surprised she’s nearly made it to 2. I honestly can’t imagine she’ll get to 3 without having even more serious problems. As much as she likes kids, I don’t think it would be feasible to send her to school. She can see kids at home, and of course, I would school her like any other child. I’m actually about to get to work on a communication book for her. She’s reaching more with her arms and getting a little more accurate with her hands. I want a book that will show her two different things and let her point to one of them. I think if she can communicate like that, I’ll be able to teach her and also see what she’s learning. I have no doubt she’s learning, but it’s so hard to gauge how much you know? So long story short….Adrian for at least the next 2 years and Charlie indefinitely. 🙂

  3. Rosetta Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean. It is so hard to discern what they are learning. I want to treat Sierra as much like a typical kid as possible and teach her things assuming she is picking up on them and learning things. We just realized that she is beginning to understand some words. She definitely knows the word “eat.” LOL She starts moving her mouth when we ask her if she wants to eat or is hungry. We don’t know what other words she understands and just isn’t able to communicate.

  4. swgoats Says:

    Awesome zuchinni! And I love your puppet! I do touch math – I got a master’s degree, so I guess it didn’t hurt me 😀

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