I know! I know!

Sheesh I’m bad about this updating thing!  I really need to make myself do it every time I update Charlie’s blog.  My blogging habits make it look like I love one child more than the other.  I don’t…I swear! *whistle*


Our sunflowers got huge! Too big for us to measure….we’re guessing 8-9 feet tall though.


Adrian is perfecting his coloring skills. Just 6 months ago he was still just scribbling and not even attempting to stay in the lines. Now he not only stays in the lines, but tries to make things the “right” color too!


And he’s developing his own sense of fashion. He almost never matches but it’s kind of cute. I’m just going with it. It’s interesting to see what he comes up with. One day he left the house in shortalls and a winter hat. But in this pic…those things on his legs? Yeah, I made those last christmas on a whim. I had extra material so I thought I’d make him something similar to babylegs, but for his arms. It’s pretty cool…he slips them on with a t-shirt and it looks like he’s wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath. Well, he decided to put them on his legs. Two different shades of camo and Lightning McQueen. Nice.


What’s summer without a trip to the local soft-serve shop? His favorite is chocolate. 😉


Adrian is dying to learn to sew! We went to Joann’s and I picked out a couple of kid’s sewing kits. And he saw one of those kid sewing machines. I asked the sales lady about it and she said to save my money…it doesn’t really work well. He was SO disappointed! She said the best way to learn was on a real machine, but he needs to be a little older. So he’s working on hand-sewing for now.


But he still wants to use the machine. I let him sit on my lap and help me push the fabric along. He brought me some fabric today and had it folded in half and wanted me to sew it for him. He climbed up on my lap and helped me. He told me exactly where to sew. I thought he was going to just have me sew it into a rectangle, but he insisted I leave a “hole”. So I did. And he ran and got some poly-fill and started stuffing it. He got it all stuffed and then asked me to sew the hole closed. He made a pillow!


Here he is…so proud!


And he had big plans for this pillow. It was for his littlest pet shop toys to hang out on.

I’m mostly impressed that he had an idea, knew how to get it done, and was able to communicate it to me what he needed to get it done. Just last week he came into the bedroom, threw down the thing he was hand-sewing and pitched a fit because he couldn’t get it right. He asked me to help but I couldn’t understand what he wanted me to do! It was just a bunch of triangle felt pieces…he didn’t have a goal in mind…he was just stitching them together randomly. A week later he makes a pillow. Huh.

I started reading him Matilda. I felt he was ready for something more advanced than picture books so I hit a few thrift stores and brought home 6 paperbacks. Of COURSE he would pick the most advanced one out of all of them! I’d forgotten how difficult a read it is…..lots of good vocabulary words. Which is great for a 4th grader…not so much for a 4 year old. But he doesn’t mind that he doesn’t know a lot of the words. He’s enjoying the story and he knows there’s a movie too, which we’ll watch when we finish the book. *I’m* picking the next one….maybe Charlotte’s Web.


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