We had a great day and a couple of funny Adrian-isms so I was eager to update. LOL

For math, we did a little bit of work on telling time.  He’s still learning to read a clock and he completely understands the hour hand.  Now we just have to work on the minute hand.  We also did a couple of subtraction problems.

He did 2 pages in his alphabet workbook.  He’s known all his letters for a couple of years, but he never caught on to the alphabet song.  He’s just now learning to put them in order.  He did pretty well with that, with only a little help from me.  We worked on the “sh” sound.  He couldn’t figure out the first letter of my name, so I explained why it didn’t sound quite like an “s”.  I told him “sh” sounds like “shhhhh”, “Shauna”,  “shoes” and he interrupted me and said, “I know another one!” and I asked what and he said, “Shit!”.  Ok, hmmm, well done…now, moving along…

For science we studied the polarities of magnets.  He didn’t seem all that interested so I was surprised when he showed me today that he had remembered our lesson.  He was demonstrating with his fingers, pretending they were magnets, and he showed me how they attract and repel.

He played on his v-tech computer for a total of about 30 minutes.  It has a bunch of number and letter games.

He did lots of drawings of Transformers.  He likes to draw them so they “transform” into household items.  So one will be a toaster, another will be a lamp.  It’s really cute.  There’s about 40 little drawings in his notebook…all completely different.  A funny thing about Tranformers….Did you know that the bad ones killed Jesus on the cross?  Well, apparently, that’s what happened according to Adrian.  And he wants to become a “church teacher” and teach that to everyone.  Anyone who know me knows that I’m laughing my ass off at the idea of that. LOL

We were at my mom’s and Adrian accidentally broke one of her pens.  I helped him leave her a note that said, “Sorry I broke your pen.  Adrian”.  My mom thought that was really cute.

Before we went to bed, we read half of “Mummies in the Morning” and learned the words royal, sarcophagus, and hieroglyph.


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